Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Law and Escort Work

Being an escort* is legal in Canada. Independent outcall escort or sex work where you visit a person’s hotel room or home is legal. If sex work is involved, communications must be made in private, in a hotel room or a home, so as not to be caught by the ‘communicating’ provision.

Third party involvement in this arrangement is illegal as it can be considered procuring, living off the avails, or if the same location is used repeatedly it could be considered a bawdy-house. Agencies often instruct their employees not to discuss prices with clients as the agency could be charged with ‘living off the avails.’

Often agencies tell clients that they are paying for the companionship or time spent with the escort, not the services, or will require an employee to sign a statement saying they will not offer sexual services and that anything else that happens is separate from the agency. However, the agency could still be charged as they thought it was likely to occur.

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  1. In the U.S., the costumer and the escort have to sign a waiver stating that , "No sex services will be given and/or received."