Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Advice for Using This Resource List

The following is a list of resources sex industry community members can access for health, safety, dignity and when they have been the victim of or charged with a crime.

We have included local police offices (in case you have to report a crime), victims services workers (if you have been the victim of a crime), legal aid services (if you have been charged with a crime), organizations (HIV prevention) where workers can access harm reduction supplies (condoms and lube etc.) and where they are available, sex worker specific support services (so you don’t feel judged when asking questions).

As far as accessing nonjudgmental health care services, we have included them where we are certain of fair treatment but suggest asking local HIV/AIDS organizations for referrals as they probably have a sense of where to go on a localized level.

If your organization is not included in the following list or you would like to start an organization and you would like to take part in mobilizing and stabilizing Canada’s Sex Workers, please feel free to contact the BCCEC by emailing annie@nakedtruth.ca for information on how to proceed or with your information for addition to the community.

If your town/community is not on this list also please contact us or the organizations in the city nearest you.

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  1. An awesome resource for finding a good sex worker org near you with maps too! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AhBymvNPNdmXdGhBcm1SelRWSWJXMkloT2Izdm0xTUE#gid=2